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Financial and Cost Accounting

FIF’s customized training in financial and cost accounting is designed to provide both financial and non-financial professionals the tools necessary to understand and apply the fundamental principles of accounting, as well as the latest, complex, emerging issues.  Taught by PhDs and other highly trained and experienced accounting professionals, participants can expect to: learn the language of accounting, analyze business transactions, prepare financial statements and evaluate business performance -- all while developing a solid foundation in basic accounting theory.

Designed to meet the specific needs of each organization, FIF will personalize all topics presented during the program. In addition, if desired, this program will include highly technical subjects such as fair value accounting for derivatives, off-balance sheet accounting and FIN 48.

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Financial Consulting

Utilize our team to help with valuations, financial projections, and accounting.

Hedge Funds

From infrastructure consulting for new funds to operational and investment analysis for investors.