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FIF Customized Corporate Training

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, organizations must be proactive in their decision-making.  The quality and effectiveness of these decisions are directly tied to the organization’s most important asset – its employees.  Simply put, a more knowledgeable employee is a more effective decision-maker.  At FIF, our programs are designed to sharpen the financial skill set and analytical focus of the corporate employee.  FIF’s training is timely, practical and relevant.  Whether the employees work in a finance function or a non-finance function, FIF will collaborate with the corporate client to develop a customized training solution which fits the organizational needs.

FIF also has experience working with different sized companies, from the Fortune 500 to small businesses. And for companies with public financial statements, the course is tailored to focus on the current business model and financials.

Use the experience of FIF to improve financial knowledge among your management team in both finance and non-finance roles.


Available programs include:

Corporate Finance (for Finance/Non-Finance Managers):  This training program is designed to fine-tune the financial skill set of analysts and managers or provide non-financial managers with a working knowledge of financial principles and their basic application.   If requested, fundamental analysis may be taught using a trading floor platform. 

Strategic Finance: This training program focuses on various competitive approaches based on the latest research and practices in the fields of strategy and finance, in addition to techniques and models necessary to formulate effective strategies and assist in effective execution. The centerpiece of the course is attendees’ participation in a cutting-edge, computer-based business simulation where they are managing a company in a real-world, competitive industry.  
Investment Management/Asset Allocation: This program is designed to provide the latest investment strategies and practical approaches to investment management while integrating the basic foundational theories such as Modern Portfolio Management (MPT).  If desired, technical and fundamental analysis may be taught using a trading floor platform.

Financial & Cost Accounting: This program is designed to provide both financial and non-financial professionals the tools necessary to understand and apply the fundamental principles of accounting, as well as complex and emerging issues.

Valuations: This program provides education and training regarding asset, business, private equity and hedge fund valuations.   

Financial Engineered Products:  This program focuses on the intricate nature of synthetic instruments including: value determination, price analysis, shifting risk, economic profiling and tax consequences.  Through this process the client will receive a more accurate portrait of the risks and benefits associated with these financial constructs. 

Anti-Money Laundering:  This program includes customized training regarding an organization’s anti-money laundering procedures and controls, in compliance with various regulatory rules such The Bank Secrecy Act, The Patriot Act and NASD Rule 3011.  

Board of Directors Advisory Services:  Given the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, this program provides a systematic way to identify the impact of financial derivatives, synthetics and financially engineered products on the firm's earnings, cash flow and shareholder value.  This program is designed to help corporate boards understand and assess the risk of derivative instruments including: swaps, collars, hybrid debt, ECAPS, securitizations and other financially engineered products. 


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