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Corporate Finance (for Finance/Non-Finance Managers)

In today’s global business environment, companies realize the cascading benefit of employees well-trained in the technical nuances of finance.  At FIF, we offer corporate financial training which is customized to achieve each company's targeted goals.  

Finance for Financial Managers:
This training program is designed to fine-tune the financial skill set of analysts and managers.  Advanced topics in corporate finance will be covered, which may include:

  • Net present value and internal rate of return with real options;
  • Using financial derivatives to manage cash flow and earnings;
  • Computing weighted average cost of capital: divisional v. corporate;
  • Computing the cost of equity - capital asset pricing model;
  • Working capital, cash conversion cycle and free cash flow;
  • Optimal capital structure: theory and evidence;
  • Cash flow forecasting; and
  • Financial statement analysis using financial ratios.

  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers:  
    This training program provides the non-financial manager with a working knowledge of financial principles and their basic application. This course will transform finance and accounting terms and concepts into decision-making tools the non-financial manager will use everyday. 

    The topics may include:

  • Understanding financial statements: balance sheet, income statement and the statement of cash flow;
  • The difference between net income and cash flow;
  • Defining GAAP;
  • Defining and explaining the concept of cash flow and the different types of cash flows;
  • How to interpret financial ratios and how they are used in decision making;
  • Project analysis using net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR) and payback;
  • Forecasting sales and expenses; and
  • The corporate impact and requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley

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